February 19, 2005

Not Baby Related

This post will not have anything to do with the baby. Oh, you're not interested if it doesn't include baby pictures or details of how we (two smarter than your average bear adults) are getting our asses kicked in the nap wars? Don't worry your pretty little head about it. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled baby blather in no time at all. It's just there are some things I've found/done lately that must be blogged. And they have nothing (or mostly nothing) to do with the little tyrant. OK? OK.

First thing: Holy crap how cool is GMail? I finally succumbed to one of a trillion offers of a GMail invite and Holy fuckin' wow!!! Once again those Google guys just know what we need and figure out a most elegant way to give it to us. I'm in 4 Yahoo e-mail groups and it has always bugged the shit out of me that you can't follow a simple conversation in those groups. GMail sorts them all out and puts all replies to one message together in one "conversation". It's bloody, fuckin' brilliant, I tell ya'.

Next: Did I really need another internet addiction? Not really,it's not like I'm rolling in spare time around here. But what the hell. Craigslist. Holy crapoly! I can't get enough. At first it was just the listings for furniture and household goods. Then free stuff and wanted, too. I found myself checking the pages every time I got near my puter to see if anything new had come up. Some of this stuff cracks me up. Like this. She's getting rid of it cuz she and her new boyfriend can't agree on style. My guess is he has some sense of it and she has none. I give 'em 6 months. Maybe she should just hold onto it. Just when I thought Craigslist couldn't get anymore amusing... I found the best of link. Which led me to this and I laughed so hard I nearly wet my office chair. Speaking of office chairs...From the time posted to the time it was in our possession: 1.5 hours. SCORE!!!

The other night, the Boy woke up crying at around 3:45 am. I had the Rock Star hold him while I went to pee and stepped on something wet and squishy. I barely suppressed a scream , and turned on the light (very dimly). Dead mouse. A fucking dead mouse. I stepped on a dead mouse with my bare foot in the middle of the fucking night. I ran to the bathroom and put my foot under the water in the tub, which incidentally was ice cold. The Boy was crying much harder by this time. The Rock Star was pacing around, and I was freaking out and swearing. Then when I crawled back into bed, I put my hand in something wet. It was cat puke on the bed spread. More barely suppressed screaming. More running to the bathroom and more fucking cold water. More crying by the Boy. More pacing by the Rock Star. I stripped the bed spread off, threw it down stairs and went to crawl back into bed, and as I was on hands and knees in the middle of the bed, my wrist collapsed and I fell flat on my face. Finally got into position and got the boy latched on, the Rock Star disposed of poor dead mousie and we managed to get back to sleep. Before becoming a parent I would not have thought it possible, but yes, we did actually go back to sleep after all that. That's how tired we all are lately. Now here's the part of the movie where you think it's all over and then the monster comes back to life. All the next day I was havin' the wiggins over the feeling of dead mouse on my foot, and on the way to bed that night, it happened again. Our cat really, really loves us, I guess. New rule in this house: The bedroom light stays on AT ALL TIMES!!!

I'm all hot to try making home made yogurt. I hear it is vastly superior to storebought, tastewise and I aim to find out. I've read many different methods, and given my ginchiness about food spoilage have decided that I want a temperature controlled machine to do the job for me. There are many expensive models available, but the Salton for $13.50 gets rave reviews so I'm starting there. I had to order it from the internet and pay $9.00 in shipping because, and you're not going to believe this: I could NOT find one for sale anywhere in the city of Minneapolis. I called every natural food store, every co-op, every fancy appliance vendor I could think of and they all sounded like I was some kind of nut for asking. Anyhow that should get here by the end of next week and by Sunday I should be seeing what all the fuss is about. I'll let you know how it turns out.

and because I couldn't resist:

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February 07, 2005


Just a quick note to let everyone know we're still alive and well. We are working hard on helping the Boy get into a napping routine. Our success could best be described as "limited". On the other hand our attempt to slowly lower his bedtime is going pretty well, I think. We've gone from 11 pm to 9:30 pm so far. I really believe that as soon as he naps better, he'll sleep longer at night. The main problem right now is that I have let him get used to falling asleep on the boob and that is not good. We are trying to teach him how to fall asleep on his own. We are following the No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. It's a good book, makes a lot of sense.

I have a list of fun things to update about, just no time right now. See the extended entry to be gobsmacked by the cuteness.

Derek Zoolander is my hero:


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Tubby Time:

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February 02, 2005



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