August 31, 2004

Pre-Natal Tuesday

Had my weekly pre-natal today. Haven't gained any weight and measurements are normal. I was talking about how worried about the size of the baby I was and she wondered if I'd misunderstood the other midwife, cuz what they wrote down was 7 pounds 2 weeks ago, not 8. She thinks he's prolly 8 pounds now, but 8 pounds today is better than 2 weeks ago!!! He is really long, though. His head is at -1 in my pelvis and his butt is very high up. She checked my cervix, which is paper thin, now and at first there was no opening. She massaged it for a while and got it to open to a 1. She kept apologizing for the discomfort, but it wasn't uncomfortable (other than trying to make conversation with someone who's up to the forearm in your hooha) so she kept going. I'm not sure if she was able to strip the membranes or not. She also told me that if I haven't had him by next Thursday, I'll need an ultrasound and stress test. I said if I haven't had him by next Thursday, some kind soul should have put me out of my misery.

Today is our two year wedding anniversary. We're going out for a nice dinner and a glass of wine. Maybe have a baby later. You know, nothing special... ;)

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August 30, 2004

Preparation Continues

Welp, here it is Monday. No baby. My sister and mom got most everything cleaned up in our house yesterday, while the Rock Star continued to work on the upstairs remodeling. The new bathroom should be finished in a couple days and the tile is absolutely gorgeous. There have been no major crisis to resolve the last few days, so while we still have a number of issues on the table to resolve, it's been a peaceful couple of days. I feel pretty good and rested and a little nervous. Mostly just ready to meet our little guy.

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August 29, 2004

To Whom it May Concern

For those of you checking in, it's Sunday, nearly noon, and still no baby. Last night I had non-painful contractions about 10 minutes apart for an hour and a half. Then they stopped and an hour or so later repeated the pattern. I slept well and my sister and mom are here helping me clean today. That's pretty much the news for now. Sorry folks, nothing to see here. :)

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August 28, 2004


Nope. Saturday morning (actually afternoon and I just got up) and still no baby. No signs of baby. Sorry folks.

I haven't pointed your attention in the direction of the brillian Mark Morford lately. Here is yet another brilliantly written column to read. One of the things I got done this week was send in my voter registration. My name has changed since last I voted, so I wanted to make sure there were no hitches on the day I cast my vote for John Kerry. I'll be carrying my little baby in a sling with a peace sign sharpied on his forehead to the polls.

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August 27, 2004

When Will it End

The fix I thought they had for my car turned out to not work. Instead they say that the computer has gone out completely and it needs a new one. New ones are $600 but they found the exact right one from junk yard for $100. They're waiving the labor charges for the first thing they thought was wrong, so that's nice, but still it's now going to be around $500 total. AND not ready til Monday. And I can't get over the feeling that this is just the beginning. I bought this car new 5 years ago and it has been hugely valuable to me to have car that just runs. Runs every time you start it. A completely reliable car is such a luxury to me. Now I think, it'll just be one thing after another breaking down.

Huge conflict with our neighbor today. He's held a grudge against me for the last 5 years. I've let his snottiness go for all this time, what do I care? But last night he crossed a line and I couldn't let it go unchallenged. I don't enjoy this kind of thing, but the truth is I'm very good at it. My sister has likened me to a steamroller. I stay calm and I am relentless about staying on my point. I never get into anything unless I'm absolutely sure I'm right. I can dismantle anyone's arguments with cool logic and do it without breaking into any name calling or excessive emoting. The high road is my course and I don't budge from it. Most people really can't stand up to this kind of arguing. This particular person first tried to drag my husband into it, which I put a stop to. After more arguing, he finally just ran from the fight. Even though it's technically a win for me, I feel like nothing is ever accomplished by these things. His mind wasn't changed (but that wasn't my goal) and now there are even more hard feelings. My goal was to make him understand that there is a line and he can do and say all sorts of hateful, mischievous things up to that line, but that when that line is breached I'll defend it. I hate that people have to be such assholes. and that there is no reasoning with them. and I hate that he's our neighbor. I hate that I can't seem to catch a calm break in these days before I go into labor.

I need to get my head together and ready myself for this huge amazing thing that is about to happen. I need some peace. Not much, just a little breather from stress and strife. Seriously, how much more can happen? The answer to that is "Lots." But, shit man, why? Seriously, why me? Why now?

BTW, I miss my dog. If she were still alive, I'd be sitting on the couch with her laying across my lap (what's left of it) and letting her calmness and grace and lovingness sooth me.

A friend stopped by a little while ago with a baby gift and her 7 month old boy. It was a nice visit and cheered me up momentarily.

Oh and here's a fun fact. Another set of invoices is due to go out. *slumps* Fuck it, man, I'm going to go watch bad tv & try to overdose on Fudgesicles.

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The Value of a Good Night's Sleep

No house fires last night so we actually slept from 10:30 pm til 9:00 this morning. Ahhhhhh, rest. I can't even describe what it does for my outlook!!! I feel much better about world today.

My car is probly going to be fixed by this afternoon. Turns out it was purely coincidental that a crank shaft sensor went out while the guy was detailing it, so I can stop blaming them for doing something to my car. It won't even be overly expensive to fix, in the $225 range, including towing.

No sign of the baby today, but I'm on my way over to St. Paul to have lunch with the Rock Star at a place called Leo's. Supposedly the most labor inducing place on the East Side. He says several women in his workplace have gone into labor the day after eating there. I'm willing to give it a try. :)

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August 26, 2004

House on Fire

No, seriously. The fucking house was on fire.

the Rock Star (with help) had finished scraping and sanding some of the floors upstairs in preparation for re-doing the polyurethane coat on the wood floors. He had put one coat on two of the rooms. We went to bed around 1 am. Around 3 am I woke to go pee and thought I heard a sound. It was like can lids popping off. We live in a city so I didn't think much of it, there's lots of sounds in the night. There was an ever so faint whiff of something burning, but it was truly so faint I couldn't even tell if I'd imagined it or not. I went potty, and came back to bed and fell back asleep. Around 3:15, someone was banging on our bedroom window and I woke up screaming. The cat ran off, we jumped up and Little was barking her head off. It was our neighbor, Lisa, yelling at us to get up and get out. There was a fire and the fire trucks were on their way. We threw on our robes and I put a leash on little and we went outside. Lisa said that the upstairs back door landing was on fire. Sirens were going off and 3 huge fire trucks screeched up. I had to pee, so I handed her Little's leash and came back inside (there was no smoke in our house or even a sign of the fire), peed, threw on some shorts, a top and some shoes, grabbed jeans for the Rock Star and he pulled those on along with a jacket, no shoes. We went back outside and I lost him in the confusion for awhile. I didn't want to be near the smoke, so I crossed the street with Little, Lisa and her dog Kenzie. Someone brought out a chair. I couldn't see much except a swarm of firemen around the back of our house. I waited til the smoke cleared then crossed the street to talk to one of the firemen and the Rock Star was there then. An inspector took our names and birthdates (huh?) and she and the Rock Star discussed what was on the landing that may have caught fire. There was a TV camera filming and I told the inspector and the Rock Star we should move away. I hate those fucking vultures. We did and they figured out that that after the floor finish was scraped and sanded up, it had been shop-vacced and emptied into a large contractor garbage bag, tied up and left on the landing, along with a few empty cans of poly and one full one. Apparently, that stuff can spontaneously combust and it did in the bag. Lisa said she'd seen something glowing there, didn't think much of it. Her dog was growling and barking, though so she came to look again and this time it was in flames. The banister on the landing is gone, the soffets above the landing are melted, the window is broken, the vines are singed, plus some other damage. Lots of charred wood and debris down below the landing. There was NO damage to the interior of the house. Every one is fine. We were back in bed by 4:30 am and the cat came out again. It took awhile to get back to sleep, of course, cuz we were thinking about how bad it could have been...not pretty thoughts.

the Rock Star got up very early this morning and put another coat of poly on a couple of the floors upstairs. Here's the punchline: they're blistering again. I'm about just Fuck It and put in carpet. I don't know how much more of this goddamn remodeling stress we can take.

The detail place that was working on my car did something to it, and now it won't start. It won't fucking start. There was NOTHING wrong with it when I left it there yesterday and now it won't fucking start. I have no car today. We had it towed to a mechanic so I can't wait to see how much this is going to fucking cost and as I said I feel like I'm barely hanging on to the last teensy thread on the very end of my rope.

I slept til about 1 pm, cuz I can't function without sleep, but since I've been up it turns out I'm not functioning all that well anyhow...I have dishes to do, stuff to clean up, phone calls to return and my fucking car is broken. Oh yeah, did I mention we got back news on our 2003 taxes yesterday. We need to come up with thousands of dollars...I can't even stand to go into the details on that.

I feel like our lives are too complicated to handle right now, but there is no choice. You just have to handle it. The baby will both simplify things and complicate them further. Honestly, all I can do is just sit here and shake my head about it all. I know it'll all work out...hard to see how right this minute. *sigh*

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This is a test of the Emergency Blogcast System. This is only a test. If there were a real emergency, I would be telling you that The Procrastinatrix is on her way to the hospital and giving additional pertinent information, but you may rest at ease. She is tucked safe and sound, in her bed at home, hopefully getting a good nights sleep.

Don't mind me. I'm just here testing out the software to make sure I can operate the software that professional bloggers use. When The Procastinatrix goes into labor, I shall be here to bring you the exciting news...and I promise not to procrastinate! This is really nice. It's sort of like upgrading's like going from a Model-A to a BMW!

Uhhh P? Where's the spell check button? Yoo wernt rilly under tthee impresson I cudd speel wur yoo?

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August 25, 2004

No signs of the Porn Star's debut today. Had a pre-natal yesterday. I haven't gained any weight since last time, so still a total of 37 pounds. Measurements are normal. Heartbeat strong. I had the midwife check my cervix and she said it's all thinned out, but still closed. Baby's head is right down there. He could come any minute or in 3 weeks. I'm to try not to get to excited about it yet. yeah, right. She also said I have a nice big pelvis, so to try not worry to much about delivering a big ole' 10 pound baby, if he is indeed that big. I was wondering if I should readjust my hopes for a natural childbirth without tearing or episiotomy, and she was very reassuring about it, so I do feel a lot better.

We went to Alien vs. Predator last night. Well, first we went to dinner with friends and I stuffed myself on fish and chips. mmmmm, good. the Rock Star's ex-girlfriend's (who we are very good friends with) husband's best friend, Ken is in town and we were anxious to see him before the baby comes. We really like him a lot (and the ex-GF and her husband) so it was lots of laughs and beers for all of them and lots of laughs and a glass of wine for me. Then the main event: AVP!!!! Woot. Everytime we see the previews for AVP I turn to the Rock Star and say, "I've never been prouder to be an American!". We, of course, didn't go in with high expectations and we sure weren't disappointed. I got exactly what I wanted out of it, a couple hours of escapist schlock to take our minds off of all the stress of the real world. And being a hugely pregnant woman at a movie where the monsters come bursting out people's abdomens, made for some great pre- and post-movie humor!! Good times!

Today my car is getting detailed and so is my Little dog. After the car is clean, we'll install the baby's car seat. After the dog is clean she'll be a brilliantly white, instead of a greyish white dog. I'm going to print out labels for baby shower thank you's. Is it super tacky to send baby announcements in the same envelope as the thank you card? I don't care! I'm doing it all at once. I'm also working on cards for my husband and sister to refer to while they are helping me with labor. Labor flash cards, if you will. There is so much to try to remember, what with labor positions, pushing positions, breathing techniques, massage techniques, relaxation and visualization scripts, etc., that I thought it would be helpful to have something to remind them. Even if they never use them, it's an exercise in review for me to write them out. That's my day. Wish me luck! :)

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August 24, 2004

Not Yet

Whoops!! No Name Yet and Suzy set me straight (gently) on leaving you guys hanging about my status. Sorry 'bout dat. I'll try to update every day from now on so no one gets worried. :)

It's Tuesday and no, I'm not in labor yet. Yesterday I did have a couple of contractions that were painful while I was driving home, but they stopped once I parked the car and walked into the house. I have a pre-natal today, and since this is week 39, I'll have the midwife check my cervix to see if there's anything at all going on. I'm excited, nervous, on edge, scared all at the same time.

The upstairs remodeling, which had been moving forward beautifully, slammed to a heart-breaking stop yesterday. the Rock Star and some friends had spent the entire weekend working on and sanding the wood floors, getting ready to put the finish on them. By Sunday afternoon he had the first layer of poly on them, and Sunday night did the second. They looked beautiful. Really beautiful. Then the third coat was put on yesterday morning and something went wrong. It's hard to describe, but there are huge patches where the poly is thickened and blistered. It's a disaster for the Rock Star. He's trying to reach the tech line of the company that makes the poly we used (one he's had great success with before), but the prognosis isn't good. At the least he'll have to spend a day sanding this layer down and at the worst may have to sand it all the way back down to the wood. No matter what, it has to dry completely which takes a couple of days...and no one can walk on it, so no one can work on anything else in those rooms. We have a friend doing the tile in the bathroom and that can still be worked on, but everything else has just stopped...the Rock Star is having a really bad time of it right now. Nothing much I can do to help, except keep telling him it's all going to be alright. I don't think he believes me right now.

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August 22, 2004

Funny Movie

This movie cracked me up!! Kind of a long download, but worth it.

Real Life vs. The Internet

I snagged the link from Snarky Malarkey.

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August 18, 2004

I Need Computer Programming Help!!

As I near the end of my pregnancy I have a list of things 10 miles long to do. One of them has been on my plate a really long time. I am on the board of a P*rofessional P*et S*itter's organization and I promised to set up our website so that prospective clients could search or database by zip code for p*et s*itters that cover their area. the Rock Star with all this programming know-how, was gonna help me with it. He is just so busy with putting in as many billable hours as possible at his job (while it still lasts) and then working on the house, I just feel bad pushing at him to help me with this project.

The zip codes and data are all in an Access data base and the website has room for a couple more MySQL databases. I need help with setting up the HTML to search the database. Is there anyone out there who can help me with this? I'm willing to pay. or beg. :)

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Maternity Leave!!!

Today is the first official day of my maternity leave!!! Well kinda. All my regular walkies have been handed over to my d*og w*alkers and the last boarding client goes home on Thursday, but I'm still handling the phones til I go into labor. Have I ever mentioned how horrible my boss is? heh!

One of the d*og w*alkers needed to go to a memorial service today, so for a little while there it looked like I may have to do just one more playgroup. N&S are two huge dogs (one husky and one lab/brontosaurus mix) that get picked up and driven over to H's house to play. They are really nice dogs, but super excited when you first get there and they pull like mother fuckers when I walk them out to the car. I was talking to the Rock Star about it this morning, saying how the playgroup part is easy, but walking those dogs to the car is actually kinda dangerous for me at this point. He very carefully commented, "ummmm, I know you're a professional so this'll be a crazy idea, but why not walk the dogs to the car one at a time, instead of both at once?" I laughed so hard I had to make a run for the bathroom...I NEVER once thought of that very simple solution!!! A slightly different perspective is a great problem solver sometimes!! I was actually thinking of enlisting one of our remodeling contractors to come over there with me. DOH!!! Anyhow, it all worked out, cuz the new d*og w*alker called back to say she could do the playgroup and I didn't have to.

So all I had to do today was go to the bank drive-thru to deposit some checks and while out I stopped at Popeye's for some lunch. Their biscuits are so mouth wateringly good, I could eat twelve of them. I ordered 2 biscuits and 2 thighs and just to make it all very healthy, an order of Collard Greens. k, so it wasn't that healthy, but damn, it was GOOD!!!

I had a weekly pre-natal visit yesterday and hadn't gained any weight at all from the previous week. YAY!!! 37 pounds total so far. I asked the midwife if she had any idea how much the baby weighed at this point and after feeling him every which way and taking measurments with her hands she thinks he's at least 8 pounds at this point. My husband was born over 10 pounds with an abnormally large head (I know, I know, information I should have gotten before I got pregnant), so I've been a little worried about how huge this baby is gonna be. She said there's a chance, a chance, mind you, that he'll not be over 10 pounds. Oh my god, what have I done?!!

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August 15, 2004

Dear Moron,

This is to the new client who called a moment ago to cancel service that was supposed to start tomorrow. I moved fucking heaven and earth to schedule an orientation this week-end and a place on the new P*et S*itter's schedule this week and you called tonite to say you chose another d*og w*alker because you didn't think I could be flexible enough. What I managed for you in the last three days was advanced scheduling yoga and like a dumbass you say I'm not flexible enough. Well, here's a hint you stupid bitch: Don't think. You're not that good at it.

Oh how I wish it made me feel better to write this here. What I really want is to go over and punch her stupid face... I'm just to tired to get in the car and actually do it.

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Getting Ready

Well, I'm getting ready for this baby to come. I s'pose labor could start at any minute now. We're picking colors for upstairs and priming walls this weekend. My sister came over both Saturday and Sunday and cleaned house. I mean she really cleaned house. If the baby came home this week, the house would be ready. Not perfect, but ready and comfortable. If he waits the two and a half weeks til he's due, the upstairs remodeling will be much closer to finished, but not quite, so no matter what, we'll still be living down here for a bit longer. With all the cleaning my sister did this weekend it'll be very nice.

This week, I'm getting my car detailed and the Rock Star will install the car seat. I need to pick a pediatrician and decide if the little one will go on my insurance or my husband's. And I need to make sure I'm pre-registered at the hospital.

Also this week I'll finish packing our bag to take to the hospital. Any recommendations on things you wish you'd taken, but didn't? I appreciate any input.

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August 13, 2004


My friend, Suzy, eloped last weekend!! She's back today and has posted a pic and some details from the wonderful day. I'm so happy for her I could just bust. Go on over there and read about her happy day! Guaranteed to make you smile and feel good about the world! :)

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August 12, 2004

In Little No One Can Hear You Scream

It was an odd way to wake up, that's for sure. Around 7:00 am yesterday morning, while still mostly asleep I heard what later turned out to be a mouse squeaking as it ran for it's little mousy life. All of a sudden, Little rocketed from her bed at the far end of our bed and pounced on something about 4 feet away from my head. I jumped up and so did the Rock Star and I said, "I think she got a mouse!!!". We were naked and it was not very light in the room and we were still groggy, so we bumped around standing in the middle of the bed for a while before I had the presence of mind to turn on a light. Then we saw Little crouched over something and Black, our kitty crouched nearby, staring intently. We shooed the pets off it, and sure enough, there was a mostly dead mouse. the Rock Star picked it up with a plastic bag and tied it shut to suffocate it and put it in the outside garbage, while I praised the great white hunter. Black was a little peeved I think, cuz my guess is that he had been stalking the mouse, and chased it into our room where Little woke up and stole his kill and all the credit. Black is a shy kitty, but he's a really good mouser and it's not the first time he's killed one around here. Little killed one outside once, but I know for a fact she was sound asleep when this one came running by.

We went back to bed for a little while, but it was an odd way to wake up. Mouse screams when you're half asleep are unsettling to say the least. The rest of the day was the normal amount of stress and worry.

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August 10, 2004

Roy Scheider Will Be Guest Starring in my Kitchen

So I get up every morning and make us an expresso and a healthy smoothie for breakfast. Months ago I got addicted to Jamba Juice smoothies, but I'm way too cheap to keep buying them. I developed a yummy, super healthy smoothie recipe and now it's part of our morning routine. I'm usually super careful about using anything to push stuff down in the blender while it's running, but this morning apparently I wasn't paying enough attention and the blender attacked, killed and ate part of my favorite spatula. In the frenzy to dismember the spatula, the blender sprayed pineapple/banana smoothie all over me and the kitchen. I panicked, I guess, and tried to pull the spatula to safety, but it was way too late. What I should have done was reach over and push the off button on Jaws (the blender). Once I finally figured that out, I was standing there with smoothie in my hair, a pitcher full of smoothie and spatula guts, and a kitchen in need of hosing down. How very Monday.

the Rock Star had just turned the water off in the house for some plumbing he's working on so I said Fuck it and went to the closest place that makes smoothies. There it cost me four fuckin' dollars for something not nearly as tasty or nutritious as what I make at home... I'm thinkin' the best/safest course of action is to go back to bed.

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August 09, 2004

This Just In...

The weekend was part disaster, part success. On Saturday I woke up with a very sore throat and feeling very fatigued and thought I must be coming down with a cold. That's just fuckin' great, I'm thinkin', as I park myself on the couch to get nothing done all day. I had to take a dog home at around 3:15 and the Rock Star's mom was picking me up to drive me to a massage appointment at 4:15. At around 4:15 I had a massive hormone blowout/mental breakdown/could NOT stop crying FIT. I was completely incapacitated and had to be put to bed. I didn't go to the massage. I slept for three and a half hours and was calm when I woke up. We watched some bad TV for a while then went to bed.

Sunday I woke up and wasn't sick. I think my throat was just dry from all the dust around the house lately. My sister, her husband and son came over to help me clean house and go through boxes. the Rock Star's uncle, and a couple of our friends came over to work upstairs. the Rock Star's mom brought lunch for everyone around 1 pm. It was a long, dirty day, but lots got done.

Upstairs the walls are almost up. Left to go: mudding a taping all the sheetrock, put in bathroom fixtures & walls & tile, paint, refinish wood floors in 5 rooms & the hallway, trim. At this point I'm guessing all will be done except the trim before the Porn Star makes his debut. That's if there are no hold-ups and he's not one second early. It's a very optimistic guess, but why not? Optimism never killed anyone. Did it?

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August 04, 2004


There is so very much to catch up on, I've been procrastinating blogging cuz I don't even know where to start. No fancy paragraphs here folks.

* Our childbirth classes were on two consecutive Saturdays, 11 am - 5 pm. Very interesting and informative. Two things I learned that I'm happy about are that I can bring whatever I want to wear (knowing of course that it's likely to get messy) and that all the beds can be set up with squatting bars if that is a position that I want for the pushing part. The childbirth videos were hard to watch, but I couldn't take my eyes off them. I'm fairly sure, had I seen them before we started trying, this baby would not be squishing against my lungs right now. I am just kidding, of course, but I have a feeling I'm gonna miss my good old vagina. I've had it just like this for the last 41 years, and I'm just not sure it's ever gonna be the same again... Oh well. Que sera.

* Prenatal visits are every week now. I've gained a total of 36 pounds and am measuring where I'm supposed to be. Today's visit included the oh so pleasant Strep B swab in the vagina and the rectum. Woot!!! The midwife also felt my cervix. The baby's head is down and my cervix is still closed. This is week 36.

* We've had two baby showers. Both were very nice. One was ladies only, given by the Rock Star's aunt. My sister had one this past weekend for couples and friends. More of an open house. My oooher and ahhhher is all worn out from all the extremely cute and nice things we've gotten.

* In regards to the remodeling project: We've passed all our inspections finally and there will be a crew of at least 6 people here tomorrow putting sheetrock up on the walls. It's almost time to start picking paint colors. The project seemed really bogged down there for awhile, but it'll move pretty fast now. Hopefully faster than that loudly ticking baby clock you hear in the background!!! One of the things I'm really looking forward too is having more than one toilet in the house. One is just not enough for two adults. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

* Week before last one of my d*og w*alkers was on vacation and without thinking I put more than half her route on my schedule. That week was a very harsh awakening to the fact that I can't do what I used to do. I completely wore myself out. To make matters worse, two of the days were some of the hottest most miserably humid days we've had in ages!!! It was brutal. After a really hard week, we had childbirth class all day on Saturday and then went to see I, Robot. I loved the movie, but in the course of that 2 hours I had at least 10 Braxton Hicks contractions. the Rock Star and I just looked at each other and laughed. Can you just imagine if the baby came early (6 weeks at that point) on top of everything else? We came home and phoned the midwife and she said take a warm shower, drink plenty of water and relax. I just went to bed and it all stopped. It was just my body telling me to slow the hell down and take it easy for once. I've been listening to that advice and have cut way back on just about everything.

* My sister and a friend came over one Sunday and helped clear boxes of junk out of the basement. We got lots and lots of stuff cleared out. One or two more days like that and we'll have finished the clearing out the junk project I started all those months ago.

* The new P*et S*itter is working out really well. It's been a huge relief to me.

* With Big gone, Little has to bear the burdon of all my doggy love. She's bearing up well under the strain, I think. People ask if she misses Big and we just laugh and say, "No, she likes being the only dog." Lots of treats and lovin' every day. It's a big job for a little dog. We still miss our big girl every day. Sometimes I forget she's gone and think she's sleeping in the other room. It's hard, too, cuz she had so many friends in the neighborhood who ask after her and I have to tell them she died. It makes everyone so sad. I've been pulling out all the pictures I have of her and putting them all in one album.

* With just under a month til the baby's due, I've been trying to wrap up a few details. I found a cell phone plan for the Rock Star and I and we got our new phones today. It's the first time he's had one, so I can reach him any time I need to now. I need to find a pediatrician and make sure the insurance stuff is all lined up. There are a few things left to buy to be ready for the Porn Star's homecoming. The car seat is sitting here ready to be installed and I need to make an appointment to have the installation inspected. I have the number and address of the place, just need to call to set it up. It's not necessary by law, but there are several agencies who'll double check to make sure it's installed properly.

* I watched several speeches from the Democratic National Convention and was really impressed. One of my favorite Senators is Joseph Biden of Delaware. He spoke the night John Kerry spoke, right before General Wesley Clarke, who was our choice before Kerry cinched the nomination. I ordered bumper stickers and yard signs and t-shirts from yesterday. I've never, ever actually put a bumper sticker on my car but I will this year. That's how important I think it is to show support for John Kerry. In November when I go to the polls carrying my new baby, he may very well have Vote John Kerry written on his forehead and a huge peace sign drawn on his onesie... I'm only half kidding here folks. It's not even a vote against Bush anymore, I really liked what Kerry had to say. The thing that resonates the most with me is his understanding of how important it is not to be sending our jobs overseas.

* I set a world land speed record getting a set of invoices out this past couple of days. I can't do anything else, but sit at the computer, so at least I made it productive time. My husband was shocked, cuz I've never, ever gotten them out within 2 weeks after they're due. Yay me. The next set is due right when the baby is. We'll see how that goes!

* the Rock Star set up my Glider rocker and the gliding ottoman that goes with it. Holy crap is that heaven or what? I love it. Last night I fell asleep in it. Sitting up helps stave off the killer heartburn for a little while at night.

* Why can't I find a box of Cherry only popsicles? That's what I want. Cherry popsicles. I hate grape. Why should I have to buy a box that is one third grape, when I hate grape? I ask you? Maybe when John Kerry is president he'll do something about this...

Well, that about covers it folks. Our life is stressful, but we're hanging in there. Not much else to do, right? Thanks for all the well wishes!! :)

Posted by The Procrastinatrix at 12:40 AM