January 10, 2006

Moving Again

I've decided that the best way to deal with Movable Type comment spam is to not use Moveable Type. Easy, peasy. I installed Wordpress on my site and will be blogging with that for awhile to see how it goes. The new blog is at www.inspiredprocrastination.com/wordpress/. Click that link and you'll be transported magically to the new land of procrastination.

Same name, same attitude, different address. See you there. :)

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January 06, 2006

Current Fibery Goodness

I bought this fabu pink yarn from ebay and I love it. It knits up so soft and the fabric is very firm. I'm doing it on 2 circs (size 2) with the Fluted Banister pattern I got from the Six Sock Knit-a-long. I've modified it to go Toe up. Don't exactly know what I'll do when I get to the heel.


This is the Nostepinde the Rock Star gave me for xmas. I love it!! There's also a picture of the lovely center pull yarn balls I can wind with it. These yarn balls are so beautiful, they're sitting on my desk and whenever I look at them I go, "ahhhhhh...." and feel all gushy inside. Wierd,huh?



These beautiful blues were also purchased from ebay and are destined to be socks someday. So beautiful. I couldn't take a pic that did the colors justice.


And as if knitting isn't enuf of an addiction, I've decided to try spinning. I got a spindle and some wool. Gotta love Ebay. Have had zero success with this. I'm going to try to contact some local spindlers and ask if anyone is willing to give me a demonstration and a few pointers. Here's my wool and spindle. Someday it'll be something...


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Helloooooo? Is this thing on?

Hi there. I'm back. Long time no blog. I've started knitting again and that means I read a lot of knitting blogs and that means I get the urge to blog again. So I'm gonna try to get this MT deal tuned up for the moment. Can't turn on comments. Sorry. I had to turn them off a couple months ago, cuz I was spending half an hour a day clearing out the damn spam. Spam fuckers. Hate them!!! Anyhow, I'll post like this for a bit and if you want to comment you can email me at "theprocrastinatrix at mn dot rr dot com". If you know how to find this blog, you know how to turn that into a usable email addy.

Updates on the important stuff are in the extended entry.

Don't go back to work yet »
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