December 31, 2004

Another day...

So much to blog about...

Gonna start with HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my blogging buddies!!! Hope yours is blessed and happy! :) I'm announcing my New Year's resolution right here and to lots of people in real life in hopes it will be incentive not to fail. You know, if I revert to my lameass ways, hopefully someone will make fun of me and I'll be ashamed and get back on track. My resolution is to be totally organized this year. I mean house cleaned, meals cooked, child cared for, birthdays remembered, thank yous and condolence sent, holidays prepared for and just all around together and cool like so many other people I've admired. I've worked out a system of tasks to be done on a daily, weekly, monthly, etc schedule according to this book. I'm committing myself to at least two months of using this system to see if it works for me. If it doesn't I'll modify and keep trying. I'll keep you updated. Next year I will NOT be shopping for xmas gifts on xmas eve and I will NOT give anyone $20 bills taped to packages of pop tarts. Yes I'm the lameass who gave that to her whole family. I'm deeply ashamed.

More stuff and a pic in the extended entry.

I also got my sewing machines repaired and tuned and am looking forward to sewing myself some clothes that fit. I use to sew all my own clothes and really liked it a lot. I have a serger and a regular machine, plus all the gizmos and doo-dads that make a hobby like that so fun. I'm hoping to make some really cute clothes for the Boy, too. First project is to sew a baby wrap that I found information on the net. I think if I could get the baby into a carrier on my back sometimes and sometimes on the front I could move around and get more done...we'll see.

My sister, mom and MIL are all so wonderful and helpful with the baby. Sis comes Wed, MIL comes Thu and Mom comes Fri to manage the baby from 10-3 so I can do stuff - housework, cooking, run my business, etc. It is so nice to have them and that they enjoy it too. the Boy really gave Gramma several hickeys on her face yesterday. He actually latched on to her cheeks and sucked so hard it left purple welts. It happened so fast she didn't even see it coming...tragic!!!

For xmas Santa brought him this Fisher Price toy that when he kicks it starts some funny music and flashing lights! We could not believe how fast he caught on to that. Now he pulls his legs back and kicks just as hard as he can, then gets a big gummy smile at the funny music. It's good for several minutes of playtime every day. He is such a good natured little guy and wakes up smiling every day. We love laying in bed talking to him and all of us waking up slowly. He is starting to giggle, and it is the sweetest sound. I'll perform any feat of humiliation to get him to do it. Gone are the days of the sweet, gentle oohs and aahs, though. We are into the squealing phase. He is exploring his voice and the effect it has on people around him. The squeal is so far always of pleasure, when he's particularly excited about something. He smiles and wiggles at the same time. Too fucking cute!! He also will grab things and jam them into his mouth and growl. Seriously. His eyebrows furrow into his nose and he make this growling, snarling sound while he's knawing at whatever he's managed to capture. Mostly it's his various toys, but sometimes it's a finger or knuckle of his own or someone elses. His 4 month check up is on 1/10/05. He's grown completely out of all his 0-3 mths clothes and is almost to long for his 3-6 mths clothes. the Rock Star measured him at a whopping 27 inches a couple of weeks ago. I can't wait to see how much he weighs.

I would really like to get him on some kind of nap schedule, but he resists sleep during the day. He dozes when he nurses, but won't let me put him down. Any tips and tricks on establishing a nap schedule would be appreciated.

A few days before xmas (12/22) I was driving my husband's Subaru Outback with my sister, her 16 year old son, and the baby. There was a car making a left turn (in a spot you're not supposed too) and a red Jeep Cherokee stopped behind him. I came to a stop behind the Jeep, but the guy behind me never even saw it coming. He totally smashed into our rear end and pushed us into the Jeep. the Baby barely even woke up. Thanks heaven for good car seats!!! My sister (in passenger seat) was jolted pretty good and has had a sore back ever since. No air bags went off. Both the back and front end of our Suby were mashed in. It sucks so bad. The insurance company totaled it and wrote us a check, so now we have to be looking for a replacement vehicle at a time that is very bad to be doing so. the Rock Star isn't working yet and our income/finances are very limited right now.

The insurance company did reimburse us for a new car seat (you have to replace them, no matter how minor the accident is) and we used the money to buy the next size up. He's outgrown his infant seat and we needed a convertible infant seat. This is the one we got. Installing it tonight. Gone are the days when we can just carry him sleeping in the seat. We'll have to buy a stroller now, too.

From before xmas:

Tummy time is fun time!!! (the pic we used on our holiday cards, not sent out yet, btw):

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December 09, 2004

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

Wow I've lost track of time!! There has been so much going on. Last I wrote on 11/15 I was installing MT Blacklist to control the comment spam on this site and it has been wildly successful. Since then 892 spams have been blocked!! So yay for that!!

I don't have a lot of time to write so I thought I'd just post some cute pics in the extended entry and try to catch up on writing later.

Right after a bath:


He's figured out how to stick out his tongue:

Tummy Time with Daddy:

Going for a walk:

Too cool for the room:

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