October 08, 2004

Mastitis Update

Forgot to update you all on the mastitis. The night I got it, I started taking the antibiotics at around 6 pm and before they took effect and my fever broke it spiked at 103.6. Holy fuck what a bad night that was!! I was delirious from the fever. Literally delirious. My husband had to hold the baby on me, so I could breastfeed, cuz I couldn't pick him up.

I'm all better now. My fever finally broke around 2:30 am that night and I've felt fine since then. That's the news on the mastitis. I lived. :)

Posted by The Procrastinatrix at 02:43 PM

Sleep? What is This Thing You Call Sleep?

Today is 4 weeks since the beautiful baby Z bounced into our lives. He is so cute, that is when you can pry his face away from my boobs to see. I swear he feeds for like 20-40 minutes out of every hour. There are decent stretches (3-4 hours) of sleep at night, but starting around 6 pm every evening he doesn't want anything but a nipple in his mouth. I just switch him from one side to another to avoid wearing either of them out! We are enjoying parenthood, but the hours are hell. The Rock Star's brother is here visiting this week, then next week my North Dakota friends will be here, and after that we should get back to normal...HA!!!!!

Being my own boss sucks right now...I've had to start back to work. Not actual dog walking yet, but I'm handling the phones again. It's surprising what seemed so important before pales beside my other responsibilities now. I've already had one customer freaking out about something and as I am listening to her have a meltdown on the phone, I'm breastfeeding my baby, thinking "Shut the fuck up, bitch!!" Some people just like to freak out over nothing. and others (like me) take stuff in stride and keep our eye on what's really a crisis and what's really not.

I truly miss reading all my favorite blogs and writing here and getting your comments. It just seems like I can never get a minute to read or write anymore. I don't like to breastfeed at the computer, it's really uncomfortable.

Today is the Rock Star's 42nd birthday. His family is having a nice party for him tonite.

Well, that's it...baby crying for me. It's so nice to be needed. ;)

Posted by The Procrastinatrix at 12:25 PM