November 15, 2004

Hope this works...

I've installed the Blacklist program for MT. I think I've done it right and I hope it works. I feel bad though, cuz someone's comment got denied for using a colon (:). I've removed that from the black list and it shouldn't be a problem anymore. If you were the one who got denied, I'm very sorry. If it was one of those fucking spammers, well, good. I've spent the bulk of my very limited daily computer time today fucking around with this plugin and I'm cranky about it. Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful to the people who've spent their time developing it. It's a very helpful thing. I'm pissed that we even have to mess with this stuff.

Oh well, enough of that for now. Let's see what we have on the cuteness pile today...hmmmm, here's something:

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November 14, 2004

What to do?

My blog has been getting hit with at least 50 spams a day lately. Since I went on maternity leave (9/9/04) I have gotten 1900 spam comments. I used to just delete them as they showed up, but I barely have time to sit and blog, let alone fuck around deleting all that spam. I thought maybe I'd install WordPress and see how I like it, but I don't really feel like starting from scratch again. I paid money to have a template designed and skinning set up for this MT site. I suppose I'll look into MT Blacklist and see if I can figure out how to install it. I've read that even with it installed, I can still expect some spam, so I don't even know if its worth the time to find it and figure it out. I just know I'm sick of getting 50 spam comments in my email every day. I just wanna blog, fer fuck sake, not fuck around with plugins and new software and all the other shit. GRRRRRR!!!

There is much cuteness in the extended entry for those of you who have an interest. :)

These can all be embiggened by clicking.

Tummy time at Gramma's:

Here's Dad eating chili, and protecting the boy's head:

We went to a party on Saturday night. The boy was a huge hit. He's very social and spent the whole evening looking at and "talking" to everyone:

Until he pooped out:

Everyone knows if you fall asleep at a party, you're fair game for your friends to pose, then snap embarassing pics to post on the internet. Let this be a lesson, boy, stay awake at partys and trust no one!

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November 11, 2004


Turns out the Boy (I'm experimenting with nicknames for him. Baby Z is just not doing it for me, feel free to offer suggestions.) loves the ABC song. I'll ask him if he wants to hear ABCs and say "get ready, here we go" and by the time I get to D he has a big gummy smile on his face. It's the cutest thing. Good thing I know all the words!!! If you try to substitute different words to the ABC song or if you sing ABCs to a different tune, the reaction is not as enthusiastic. He just loves the ABC song. How funny is that?

Yesterday he went with me to physical therapy, then to a board meeting for a professional organization I'm in. It was his first and probably only board meeting, as I went there to resign my position. I just don't have enough time to live up to the obligations I had to them and it was making me feel guilty. I have a few tasks left, then I'll be done. It'll be a relief.

Wondering about the current state of cuteness at our house? See the extended entry and click to embiggen. :)

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November 10, 2004

So Big

I forgot to put in other interesting information about Baby Z's check up yesterday. He weighs 12 pounds 3 ounces and is 23 inches long. So he's gained 3 pounds 5 ounces since he was born and 2 inches. He still can't always hold his own head up but he's getting close. and he is TWO MONTHS OLD today. I can't believe he's TWO MONTHS OLD!!! OMG. His feeding schedule has lightened up. Instead of every hour, he'll wait 2 - 3 hours most of the time. He's sleeping up to 5 hours at a time at night, but not consistantly, just every once in a while.

Oh and he got some super cute boots from a relative that lives in LA:

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November 09, 2004


Guess who cried more at the pediatrician yesterday while the shots were being given? Well, truth be told it was the baby, but I was a very close second. I never looked at the needle but my husband says it was so huge he thought it was gonna poke right through the leg and out the other side. yeesh!! I did a terrible job of holding him for the first shot and daddy had to take over for the second one. I just was not prepared for how much he jerked his leg when the shot came. So far there don't seem to be any reactions to the shots. Last night the boy was extra sleepy but that was about all. No fever and the shot sites look fine. Now I have 2 months to dread the next set.

We also had a bit of a scare with our little dog. She didn't want to eat her breakfast yesterday and was lethargic all day and night. It was scary cuz that's just how it started with Big when she got sick and long time readers will remember what long horrible nightmare that was. She is still kinda slow today, but wolfed down her food as if she were starving, which is normal for her, so I feel a little better. Honestly, I am not in any way prepared to deal with it if she gets sick. I just cannot bear to lose another pet this year!

New pics in the extended entry to make up for all the gloom and doom above. :)

Why do babies need sweat socks? I dunno, but they are really, really cute!

Stop me before I squinch again!! I can't help myself, it makes me laugh so hard!!

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November 08, 2004

There Was This One Time on Buffy...

Got a lot done this weekend. It was surprising considering we had the first season of Buffy on DvD to watch. Friday night we spent glued to the couch watching, and slept in on Saturday. My mom came over Saturday afternoon and while she held the baby I got the dishes and laundry done. Then he took a nap and I got a ton of paperwork done on my desk: sorted out all the hospital/doctor bills and insurance payments for both the baby and me, paid a heap of bills, worked on the database I maintain for my professional organization, answered a bunch of emails, researched what Tivo is all about and balanced two of my checking accounts. Sunday we had some company at noon then went to a friends house to have chili. It was a fun day. Everybody who meets Baby Z thinks he is the cutest baby they've ever seen. At least that's what they tell me, and I believe them. I know he's the cutest baby I've ever seen, so it stands to reason...

Today is Baby Z's two month checkup and first set of immunizations. We've decided to go ahead with all recommended immunizations on the recommended schedule. I'm worried about adverse reactions, both mild and severe. Our appointment is at 2 pm CST so if anyone has any tips on how to deal with baby shots before then, I'll be glad to hear them.

He's such a happy little guy. This morning he woke up and was smiling and talking to me in little ooohs and gahs while I did my exercises. Have I mentioned that my pubic bones have not gone back into alignment the way they're supposed too and I have to go to physical therapy. Yup. I'm out of alignment and my pelvis makes the most alarming POP when I roll over. My tailbone is sore all the time, too. That's cuz the muscles from front are misaligned and pulling on the muscles in the back. So I have exercises to do every day and of course I don't get them done as often as I should, but today I was feeling motivated. My next appointment is Wednesday and she'll know if I've been slacking or not.

I've been thinking I'd love to start a knitting project again, but I don't see how to do that with a baby in arms all time. Any knitters out there with tips on how to knit with a small baby?

Whoops, Baby is yelling for second breakfasts...gotta go.

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November 05, 2004

Working For A Living

One of the d*og w*alkers who works for me was off today, so the Rock Star, Baby Z and I set out to do her route. It was a beautiful day here and we had a good time. We had a nice long conversation about how to organize our lives better and a bunch of other stuff. The baby was a real trooper walking along in the Bjorn with Daddy. One of my clients was home and we got to chatting about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and he has all the seasons on DVD and he lent me Season 1, so guess what I'll be doing tonight? The Rock Star might go out and play poker with some friends or maybe we'll both be vegging on the couch!! Woot!!! Whatta life! By the time I go to bed tonight my eyes'll probly be bleeding from so much television, but what the hell!! It's Buffy! :)

Oh yeah!!! and the boy is 8 weeks old today!! Holy crap!! I can't believe it!

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Gratuitous Cuteness

Because I couldn't think of anything to write, I give you this:

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November 03, 2004


That was us yesterday morning. Optimism abounded. It really seemed as if there was a chance of unseating the current evil administration. We allowed ourselves to think that hope was on the way. Now we know it's not. Hope is stuck behind a conservative roadblock of almost 4 million people who think that the way Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Ashcroft are leading this country is the best way. Hope is not going to make it. At least not right now. We will not be saved from worrying about my 16 year old nephew and the draft. We will not be saved from watching the Supreme Court be packed with Bush's choices. We will be forced to watch as big business and the wealthy get bigger and wealthier, while my husband's job is gone, sent overseas. We'll ask ourselves how much more abuse can the environment sustain as policies to protect it are being stripped away. We will watch as a Republican majority in congress and a Republican president gloat over their power and run roughshod over the principles and freedoms that our wonderful country was founded upon.

I'm so sad this morning. I went to sleep crying and I woke up crying. I worry and I wonder what's going to happen. I'm sick with fear for what will happen to our country and the world. I look at my tiny son and I wonder what his future will be. Right now this looks like one of those stories where the good guys don't win. I really hate those stories.

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November 02, 2004


Can you hear the creaking and groaning? That's me, firing up my blogging enthusiasm again!! It's not that I'm not excited about blogging again, it's just that I haven't done it regularly since the baby was born and I hope my wit and writing skills (check me out -- assuming I have either) are not too rusty. Get it? Rusty skills make for creaking and groaning, hence the title? Yeah, I hear you all groaning out there in blog land. It was a reach...but the point is I've made the decision to get my blog ass back in gear. I've missed communicating with you all and there are so many interesting things I've let go by without recording them here. I've gotten my dishes and laundry done almost every day since we brought Baby Z home, so I oughtta be able to get at least a paragraph up every day, too, right? Right!!!! Well, I hope so anyhow. I have a list of things I want to blog about right now and I'm going to plow through them in hopes that I can get it all down before my little napster wakes up. Ready? Here we go!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

I haven't kept up in telling you guys about all the amazing things my baby has been doing. For the first 4-5 weeks all anyone saw of him was the back of his head cuz he never seemed to stop breastfeeding. He's 7 weeks old now, and it still seems like he eats constantly, but he has periods of alertness in which he performs fabulous feats like making eye contact from across the room. His favorite thing to look at is people's faces and he smiles. Omigod, the smiles. The whole face smiles. and it fills my heart with gladness!!! He looks at me and smiles and I melt and will perform any humiliating act to make him do it again. Just the last couple of days we think he may be laughing too. It's amazing. He coos and oohs and aahhs. I ask him questions and he smiles and coos and I can hear angels singing. Speaking of angels singing, there's the farting and the pooping. It's a whole body event. He presses his fists together and his face gets all red and he grunts and his diaper area rumbles. It is the funniest thing you ever saw. He'll pause about 30 seconds in between pushes and we've learned (the hard way) to wait til he's completely done before opening that diaper. Let's not forget the wake up routine. He stretches and squeaks and groans and grunts and flails and falls back asleep, only to start all over again 2 minutes later. All the while his super cute face going through all his adorable expressions from yawning to smiling to bubble blowing. This last week he's started to figure out his hands are attached to his body and he reaches out to grab things. He concentrates really hard and swings at his target and sometimes remembers to open his hand and has successfully grabbed on several times now.

On Halloween we dressed him up as a pirate!! It was really fun and he was so cute and an unbelievably good sport about it all. We took him around to all the relative's houses to trick or treat. Here's our little pirate in all his swashbuckling glory:

Clicking makes them bigger. Beware the cuteness!!!

BTW, how cute is the hook instead of a hand?!!? and the little pirate's scimitar?!!?

Well, that's it for now. He's awake and if I know my son, starving to death. More to follow. Thanks for staying tuned! :)

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